Our society is vulnerable

network of chains

We have become dependent on a large number of critical infrastructures. Telecommunication has become especially important. Without telecommunication, public transport, medical care, emergency services and all kinds of societal function come to a standstill.

shiny chain

Infrastructures in the Netherlands are well organised. They belong to the best in Europe. Almost all households have access to fast internet connections, and mobile network coverage is nearly complete.

chain is almost broken

The reliability and dependence make us vulnerable. Because telecommunication has become essential to various activities, failures have a large impact on the Dutch society.

detail of a chain link

Failures cannot be fully prevented. Therefore it is increasingly important to prepare for outages. What can you do when telecommunication fails? A proper risk analysis is the first step towards answering that question.


How are we vulnerable?

strong chain at sunruse

OK, so my company or institution is vulnerable. But where? And how? And most of all: what can I do to resolve that? Risk analysis provides the answers to those questions. That is not easy, but a large number of tools exist to assist you. This website intends to bring all those tools together.