Raster is a risk analysis method for telecommunication services. Raster will help you understand how your telecommunication is physically organised, and where its largest availability risks are. The result of Raster is a list of actions to take: recommendations for mitigating the top-ten largest risks.

For a complete description, download the manual from this page, or read the documentation here.

Raster software
Two free software tools are available. The first tool is a standalone programme for MacOS or Windows to edit Raster project files that are stored on a local drive or network drive. The second tool is web based. It must be installed on an intranet server, and enables shared editing of projects using a web browser over the office LAN. For both tools a project contains the complete risk evaluation for an organisation. Typically, a project consists of multiple telecommunication services. With minor differences both applications work in the same way.

What's new?
Version 3.0 has been released! This is a major update, which uses a new file format. Once projects have been edited using version 3 they can no longer be read by previous versions. The most important improvements:

  • node names are no longer case-sensitive,
  • the use and meaning of templates has been revised entirely for improved ease of use,
  • search results are now clickable and show where that component is located in the diagram,
  • and many other changes and improvements.

There is a complete overview of the differences between the versions. Only the most recent versions can be downloaded from this page.

Planned features
For the next release a number of improvements are planned:
  • Icon sets: choose from multiple layouts instead of the standard symbols for wireless links, cables and other components;
  • Templates: start a new project with predefined checklists, services and components.
  • Undo: easily undo recent changes, or redo them.
  • Collaboration: simultaneous edits on the same project in the intranet version will be faster and more robust.
Other wishes? Please let us know using the Contact page.

Standalone tool

The Raster tool is available for MacOS and Windows, in a Dutch and English language version.

MacOS, version 3.0.0 Nederlands English
Disk image:

To install the programma on a Mac: open the disk image, and drag Raster to your Applications folder.

Windows, version 3.0.0 Nederlands English
Guided installation:
Manual installation:
ZIP file:

There are multiple ways of installing the programma on Windows. It is strongly recommended to use the Guided installation. As this requires administrator rights, the guided installation is not always possible. Use the Manual installation to unpack the Raster folder onto your local computer; no administrator rights are necessary. After manual installation it is necessary to associate Raster project files with the Raster application. To do so, right-click on a project file and choose "Open with" from the menu. Navigate to the folder into which the Raster files were unpacked. The ZIP file contains the same files as the Manual installation.

Intranet version

To install the intranet version you need a web server that supports PHP. The intranet version is also available from this website, through the "Raster Tool" button at the top of the page.

Intranet, version 3.0.0
tar.gz file:

Place all files in a folder that is accessible to the web server. The web server only requires read permission on all files; the folder 'public_group/SharedProjects' requires write permissions.

To provide a protected environment for projects, duplicate the folder 'public_group' under a new name, with controlled access permissions. An example '.htaccess' file is provided to that purpose. See the manual for your web server for more information.

The application is now available via the URL http://yourwebserver/path/. Protected environments are available via http://yourwebserver/path/YOURGROUPNAME/. The use of https is recommended.

Source code

The full Raster source code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2, and can be obtained from https://github.com/EelcoV/RasterTool. GitHub always contains the most up-to-date version of the Raster tools with the most recent modifications. These beta versions can contain changes that have not been tested extensively.