Where is my data stored?

23-11-2019 20:37

Your data is bundled together in projects. Using the standalone tool your projects are always stored locally, on your local computer. It is of course possible to store projects on a shared network drive.

For the intranet version and the Raster tool on this website the situation is different. The location where your data is stored then depends on whether the project is private or shared.

Private projects are stored within your web browser. They are not stored on the Risicotools website. You can only work on the project using that particular web browser on your computer. Others have no access to your project.

Shared projects are stored within your web browser as well as on the intranet server or the Risicotools website. Others may have access to your data, or be able to modify it. You can use multiple web browsers and multiple computers to edit your project.

Do you have more that one project, some of which are private and others shared? In that case only the data of your shared projects is stored on the server; in addition, all data is also stored within your web browser.

Which data are part of a project?

  1. diagrams of each service (the layour of components and their connections),
  2. assessments of all vulnerabilities (including any remarks),
  3. assessments of common cause failures,
  4. the list of default vulnerabilities,
  5. project data (the project name, date and time of latest modification).
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