How do I make a backup of my project?

18-11-2019 21:55

It is recommended to regularly save your project into a file. For example before you embark on a large set of changes, or when a version of the project has been discussed and approved by the project team.

Using the standalone tool, you can use the File menu to save your project as a file on your computer.

Using the intranet version, or the Raster tool on this website, the procedure is similar. To create a copy you use the Library panel. Select your project from the list and click the Export button. Your project will now be downloaded and stored as a file on your computer. The file will be named "project_name date time.raster", e.g. "My project 20170912 14:33 15.raster".

Therefore, when making a backup using the Export button previous backup files will not be overwritten.

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