Is my data safe?

23-11-2019 22:12

Raster is used to visualise your telecommunications infrastructure. You will describe the availability risks of your technical components. Both are company confidential, and must not fall into the wrong hands.

Using the standalone tool, all data is confined to your own computer.

When Raster is installed on the intranet, all data is confined to your own organisation. The administrator of your intranet can further restrict access to the data to specific employees, if so desired.

The Raster tool on this website is publicly accessible, but that does not necessarily mean that your data is open to others.

There are two ways to restrict access to your data:

  1. Mark your project as private. This is the default setting for new projects. Private projects are not stored on the server, but exclusively in your web browser. You can therefore only view and edit the information from your own computer, using your own web browser.
  2. Request a separate area for your projects on the server. This area will be protected using a password. Within this area you can create multiple private projects. The advantage is that you can view and edit these projects with multiple team members, independent of your location or computer.

Your data is visible to third parties when you use the Raster tool on this website, and explicitly mark your project as Shared.

The connection between your computer and this website is encrypted; this site uses https.

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