How do changes to the templates work?

23-11-2019 23:33

Templates contain default settings for new diagram components. A template consists of a list of vulnerabilities: the default checklist. There are separate checklists for equipment, wired and wireless connections.

As of version 3.0, changes to the templates also affect existing components.

When editing a template

  • Add a vulnerability: all existing components receive this new vulnerability as well.
  • Remove a vulnerability: it is removed from all existing components as well; all estimates of frequency and impact of that vulnerability are lost.
  • Rename a vulnerability: the vulnerability is renamed on all existing components as well.

The modified list of vulnerabilities is the default list for new components.

When editing a component

  • Add a vulnerability: applies to this component only.
  • Remove a vulnerability: applies to this component only; the frequency and impact assessments are lost.
  • Rename a vulnerability: applies to all components, as well as to the template!
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